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Tell your story expressed in a personal design



Wearing a piece of jewelry is an expression of individuality in its ultimate form. As it's highly personal, we want to give you the opportunity to co-design your personal piece. If our collection inspires you and you would like to purchase one of the pieces, but you would like to alter something, we can make it come to life.

If you wish to give a present to someone and you want a message engraved in a pendant, ring, or bracelet we can do that for you. If you know that person likes a specific precious stone in a design, we can change it.

If you inherited a piece of jewelry but other than the emotional value it isn't something you would wear, let's make a plan to alter it to your liking. Even if you only have gold, silver, or a precious stone, we can design something together. Let us inspire you!


We at Kabbalou are crazy about high-quality gemstones because we are in awe of what nature has created over thousands and millions of years. Natural colors, hue, and vibrance in combination with a perfect cut are what often inspire our work.

We like to offer our friends of Kabbalou the best quality stones for a reasonable price and if you choose a personalized approach to your piece of jewelry we can send you a list with possible gemstones and advice you about colors, cut, properties of the gemstone, and all over design.


Please feel free to contact us for advice or inquire about what we have on offer. Our collection is amazing!

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