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Jewelry by Pepé Soomers

It feels good to express your true identity through demeanor, posture, attire, and also your jewelry. What if your jewelry could be a true expression of who you are and what you stand for? Everything is possible. from one simple elegant ring to being fully decked out with extravagant, high-quality jewelry pieces. Every personal expression has to be celebrated.

Kabbalou jewelry is characterized by its sheer boldness combined with pure elegance. It's a combination of forged and sculpted precious metals such as gold, 925 Sterling silver with precious and semi-precious gemstones, and diamonds. We like hammered silver and butchered gold with mark making and wear and tear. The perfection of imperfection, yet refined and always with personality and individuality. A jewelry design from Kabbalou with a bit of your own personal touch will make a unique piece of jewelry. Just for you!

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A bold choice

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Every piece of jewelry can be customized. 

More diamonds? A bigger or different gemstone? A slightly different design? We can make it come to life.


Tom Wijsmulder. (Holland)

To me, Kabbalou is all about being confident in who I am and expressing that through my own personal style. Usually, when I look for jewelry that is a bit bulkier, I end up just finding big skull-type rings that are generally poorly made. On the contrary, Kabbalou offers jewelry that feels both manly and elegant and of great quality. I truly enjoy wearing my Kabbalou rings every day and am happy to be part of the Kabbalou family!

Giorgi Dididze. (Georgia)

The ring I purchased from you is extremely nice and a one of a kind. I am very satisfied and happy with it. You have golden hands!


Not only do we guarantee the highest quality gemstones and precious metals in our jewelry designs, we also want to make sure that you have an amazing experience with us.

Feel free to contact us at any time since sometimes you just want to speak to a human being during your shopping online.

We are delighted to assist you!

Flexible and personal
service during and after
your purchase.

Highest quality
gemstones and materials

Secure payment
with SSL secure shopping

Free global

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Jewelry has the power

to make you feel unique

A ring, a bracelet, a pendant, or an earring can be a true expression of identity. Especially when it is custom-made for you with your own design ideas incorporated or just engraved with a special message. Giving a loved one a gift with meaning, personally chosen by you, is a beautiful gesture of appreciation. It makes a special moment in time, never to be forgotten and shared for eternity. A gift that shows your real appreciation!

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